Mister Odle. Entrepreneur. Explorer.


Mister Odle. Entrepreneur. Explorer.

A profile piece I wrote for #FashCam on the extraordinary, Peter Odle.





Sometimes, just like in life, I have spectacular pinning weeks. When the stars are aligned, everyone’s creativity is at ease and in flow – content is endless.
This was one of those weeks. My only difficulty this week, was deciding what 5 would make the ‘list.’ From the stunning profile pic of artist Eva Hild, to the beauty of children’s wear, to shy birds, I hope the following
5 bring you joy. Follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/paula_coop/




‘Lets getaway!’ A statement we all find ourselves clinging onto when a week is unfolding chaotically or in crisis. It’s in times like these where I find myself leaning on the visually healing properties of images of magical ‘escapes.’ Sleeping in a treehouse, disappearing into a hidden nook within your home, sleeping with the fishes or taking refugee in a lighthouse – let’s do it, let’s getaway!